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Mail Tracking

We reserve the right to change the contents of this page without any notice. Any use of is subject to the user agreeing to the following terms and conditions set forth by Please read this page in its entirety before purchasing any item through If you disagree with any portion of this page, you may not use and should exit immediately.

The delivery lead time is varied from country to country. Customers also have responsibility to help in tracking their parcels through their local Post Office because it is much faster. Otherwise, we could also help customers to request Hong Kong Post Office to request the Post Office of Destination to provide the latest status of the parcel but it takes time and depends on how fast the Post Office of the Destination responds

Other Information Pages:
We provide tracking numbers to all of our customers to track the status of their parcels. Please login our website  and get the tracking number from My Account > Order History > Order #. For eBay customers, you should have your tracking number stated in the delivery email we send. The tracking numbers formats are RxxxxxxxxxxHK (Registered Air Package), CPxxxxxxxxxHK (Air Parcel) or EExxxxxxxxxHK (EMS Express).

Please go to and enter your tracking number to get the status of your parcel.

Registered Air Parcel
  1. This delivery method is the cheapest but it is not an express shipping. It is sometime very fast for certain countries such as US / UK / Australia / Canada / etc which takes 5-10 working days only.
  2. However, it could also take up to 4-8 weeks but it is rare. Usually, this happens only when there is a delay caused by the Customs Clearance and Post Office in the customer's country.
  3. Please do not choose this delivery method when "delivery lead time" is very important to you and you are expected to receive your parcel in days with guarantee because this delivery service does not have a guaranteed maximum delivery time.
  4. Please be patient if you select this delivery method especially if there is a public holiday in between such as Easter and Xmas's because the Post Office and Customs of your country needs to process large amount of items (gifts sent from overseas) .
  5. Normal Air Parcel is not recommended for some countries with bad and slow postal services (eg. Mexico, Brazil, Israel, South Africa) because customers from those countries have reported **Slow Customs Clearance & Delivery**.
  6. In the event of missing parcel, it takes longer time for post office to respond for slow registered parcel.
EMS Express
  1. This delivery method (similar to DHL / UPS) is expensive than normal Air Parcel but it is much faster which it takes usually 4-8 working days usually after collection by the courier unless:
    1. Delayed by Customs Clearance in your country
    2. You are not at the address when the courier delivers, in this case the courier would leave a notice / pick up card at the address to inform you to collect your parcel at the post office.
    3. Extra security inspection is required at the airline / courier (sometime the courier / airline needs to inspect the parcel to make sure it does not contains dangerous goods).
  2. Please choose EMS when "delivery lead time" is important to you.
  3. In the event of missing parcel, the tracking response time is faster.

What is the estimated shipping time for my order?
Estimated shipping time for your order 99% depends on the speed of the post office in your country. If the postage service is slow in your country, then there is nothing we can do excepted to recommend you to choose EMS Express for your order. In most case, a parcel departs Hong Kong in 1-3 working days after posting so Hong Kong Post Office works pretty fast. However, the rest delivery time depends on the Customs Clearance and Post Office, if the public service is poor(slow) in your country, we can only say sorry.

Processing time is not included in the estimated shipping time. Estimated shipping is *estimated* so it is just a forecast. Processing time is usually between 1-3 working days (Estimated Only) although we can process 80% of orders on the same day.

When you see status of your order with "Shipment Ready", this means your parcel has been prepared and packed. It is now pending for collection from the courier. So please be patient, you will receive your tracking number from us soon.

For normal Registered / Air Parcel, it takes 2-6 working days usually depends on the availability of Airline Space. Express shipment (eg. EMS Express, Fedex, DHL) takes usually 1-2 working days because Airline company would usually offer higher priority for Express Shipment first.

There is one problem during the peak season (October, November and December) before X'Mas. Because passenger of international traveling would increase a lot during this period. So the Airline Space for parcels will become shortage. Therefore, there might be a significant delay for slow shipment (Registered and Air Parcel) sometime. The departure time of slow shipment might take up between 3-4 weeks sometime depends on the allocation of Airline Space.

You are recommended to choose Express shipment during the peak season to avoid delay if your order is urgent for you and you do not expect to wait.

** The courier and airline company has the right to open and inspect the parcel for dangerous goods when they need to (usually after X-Raying or Random Check), when this takes place, there will be an extra time required for inspection which takes usually 2-7 days.

The HKPO websites would only show the date the Registered Mail Package left Hong Kong:

Destination - South Africa
The item (RB428111928HK) left Hong Kong for its destination on 12-Feb-2011

This is normal because only EMS Express provides full tracking details (every check point the ems parcel passes through). That is why you pay more for EMS. However, depends on the post office of the destination. Some countries have better mail tracking system that could provide full tracking details even for a Normal Registered Package. But some countries (especially Colombia, Brazil and South Africa) have poor and slow postal system that cannot track the status of a Registered Air Package at all before it is delivered.

** Air Parcel (order with more than 2KG shipping weight) provides more tracking information. However, the speed is about the same as Registered Package.

For most countries (included your country), the Destination Post Office will not have any information on the parcel before the Customs release it. The following is a quote from Canada Post (as an example):

Some items may be delayed if held by customs for additional inspection. Canada Post has no information on specific items awaiting customs inspection. Once an item clears customs, it is handed over to Canada Post for delivery. Delivery time depends on the product and the distance to its destination.

Some customers do not believe what we say so we quoted above phrase from Canada Post (as an example). So you just need to relax and do not think too much to make yourself frustrated, your parcel is not lost but it is out of our control now (just wait for the Customs).

In some cases, the representative of the post office might tell you the parcel has never entered the country or they would simply tell you that they cannot help you and you must seek help from the sender (pretty straight answer to send you away so you start to screw the sender in return). This happens sometime when you have bad luck to get in touch with a bad person who will only throw the ball to others and do not wish to work too much.

I Want A Guarantee On Delivery Within *N* Days.
Please note that delay is 99% due to the Customs Clearance of Your Country (it is not our fault and not under our control) and no one can kick a Customs Officer to work faster. We would say sorry if you are after a guaranteed delivery within *N* days because we are unable to offer you such service. If you have a trick to make the processing time of Customs Clearance faster, please do not forget to tell us.

I placed my order on Friday but I still have not received my shipment details today (Sunday)
Our Company and Post Office are closed on weekend. So packaging and shipping will never happens on weekend. The orders placed on Friday are usually processed in the following week.

Also aware that Company and Post Office are also closed on public holiday. So shipment on weekend and public holiday should not be expected.

Losing a parcel is not likely to happen, the possibility maybe 1/1000, because each parcel we process will be Registered which means it is  tracked and required the addressee to sign for it with his ID Card. Time delay is 99% due to the trouble and slow processing caused by the Customs Clearance and Post Office in the country of destination.

Whether a parcel is lost, it has to be confirmed by the Post Office / Courier of the sender officially. No compensation (refund/resend) will be offered before we receive confirmation from the Post Office.

Once we have received your "not received" notice, we will submit a missing parcel report to our post office / courier, and then wait for the postal authority of your country to respond (usually less than 60 days). We can then replace your parcel if it has been lost as reported by our post office officially. We do not argue the "lost" case in any other manner.

I Still Have Not Received My Parcel. I Would Like Refund or Resend.
Refund or resend is available after formal confirmation of lost from Post Office / Courier has been received by us.

I would like to request a tracking request for my parcel posted.
There are posting guidelines we must follow before we can submit a tracking request to the post office:
  • Registered Small Package - 45 days after posting
  • Registered Air Parcel (Large) - 45 days after posting
  • EMS Express - 3 weeks after posting
  • Fedex Express - 10 days after posting
Courier / Post Office will only accept tracking request after above periods. Air Registered and Parcel are classified as economy shipment so longer is expected.

I haven't received my order after 2 weeks. Please Help.
Delay is 99% caused by the Customs of your country depending on whether your parcel is selected for further inspection by Customs. But, it is advised that you should contact us if you haven't received your parcel after 3 weeks. So, we will help you to lodge a Tracking Request through the Post Office / Courier.

Investigation takes up usually less than 60 days starting from the date of submitting the Tracking Request, and the courier / post office will be responsible for a compensation of about USD42 plus Postage at maximum for each lost parcel. The processing time depends on the Post Office of your country - how long they reply Hong Kong Post Office .

I have not received my order after 2 months.
Very few customers would contact us after many months to claim for a refund for the reason of order non-receipt. However, there is a deadline that we must submit our tracking request to the post office otherwise they might refuse our complaints or requests after 3 months. So it is a must for you to contact us between 45 - 60 days if you have not received your order.

We reserve the right to refuse your request if you file a complaint after 3 months because there is also a deadline we must meet when we submit the missing parcel report to the post office.

For SG Registered / SG EMS. We first need to route the parcels to Singapore via 4PX Express (4PX is the agency of SG Post). 4PX collects the parcels in China and ship all parcels by Air Flight to SG on the same day. Then SG Post/EMS will process the parcels in Singapore and distribute the parcels over the world.

When you see "Pending shipment from Merchant/Shipper", that means your parcel has been sent to Singapore and now waiting for SG Post/EMS to process the parcel one by one. It takes between 1-7 days usually which depends on the availibility (busy or not) of SG Post/EMS. In most case, it takes 1-3 days to finish this process but it may need more time during peak period.

Please do not compare Registered / Air Parcel / EMS Express to these top tier international express couriers (DHL/FEDEX/UPS) because the shipping cost of these couriers is much higher. They could sometime deliver the next day if you pay for the super expensive shipping cost.

Further Assistance
You are suggested to visit or contact your local Post Office / Couriers with the tracking number, the officer should be able to provide you the status of your parcel.

Certainly, you are welcome to contact us if you need further assistance.

Online Tracking Available From Other Countries
A tracking number will be provided after we posted your package so please go to to the online tracking services provided by the courier (Post Office) of your country to track the status of your package:

You may also try to use these websites to track your parcel (if available).
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